How to Check PNR Status

How to Check PNR Status

How to Check PNR Status

In the present common life, everybody is occupied with moving starting with one spot then onto the next. Some travel every which way for office and some travel every which way for a walk. However, for this multitude of individuals for the most part give inclination to the train. Since train is the main medium which is a decent and modest method in the present period of expansion. How to Check PNR Status.

Going in Indian Railways has its own one of a kind delight. Individuals book train passes to go via train. For certain individuals, the ticket gets adjusted, however there are a few whose tickets are not adjusted. Also, at whatever point they check their PNR status, their PNR status either shows holding up rundown or shows Reservation Against Cancellation.

There are many individuals who book tickets yet they don’t have the foggiest idea how to actually look at PNR status? All in all, let us in on the best way to really look at PNR Status of any train?

What Is PNR Number in English?

Indian Rail lines is the fourth biggest rail line network on the planet. Today, around 2 crore travelers travel in Indian Rail lines consistently. Which is an immense number. The traveler train since it stops at each station and runs for a more limited course. Along these lines, there is no need of reservation in it.

Though the trains which run for long courses require reservation in those trains. Furthermore, a 10 digit exceptional number is given to every traveler. This one of a kind number is called PNR Number (Traveler Name Record).

From this 10 digit PNR number, the traveler will get the right data about his seat like regardless of whether the ticket is affirmed, how much is the seat number, how much is the holding up seat number, in which mentor the seat number is, how much is the train number, your train’s live area and so forth is acquired.

How to Check PNR Status Ticket Status.

Checking PNR status of any train is certainly not no joking matter. Checking PNR status of train is extremely simple.

You can really look at the PNR status of the train by visiting the authority site of the Railroads. Aside from this, there are different sites and applications utilizing which you can without much of a stretch really look at PNR status.

You can check PNR status or ticket status both disconnected and on the web.

How to check PNR status on the website?


To really look at PNR Status on the web, above all else visit the authority site of Indian railroads at


Presently the landing page of IRCTC opens before you. On the landing page, you will see the choice of train.


When you click on the train, presently the choice of PNR status will show up. Click on this.


Presently fill your PNR number.

Subsequent to entering the PNR number, when you click on culmination/Get Status, presently the data connected with the ticket will be on your screen. How to Check PNR Status.

How to look at PNR Status with the help of SMS or Website?

Some of the time crisis is to such an extent that we want web and we can’t do any of our internet based work because of the finish of web limit. In such a circumstance there is a requirement for disconnected.

To check PNR Status disconnected, follow these means

Stage 1

For this, you should have a telephone, regardless of whether it’s anything but an android telephone however a straightforward telephone, you can check disconnected PNR status.

You, first of all, open the message box of your telephone.

Stage 2

Presently Type PNR<space> 10 Digit PNR Number

Stage 3

Presently send this message to 139

Stage 4

Presently after some time your message will be answered.

Ideally now you should have likewise known that how to check PNR status disconnected?

Alternate ways of really looking at PNR Status

There are alternate ways of checking PNR status, about which you additionally need to be aware. Also, what are those ways, how about we know-

1.You can likewise check by utilizing Rail route’s application.

2.You can likewise figure out by taking a gander at the record diagram of the booking.

3.You can check by visiting the esquire counter of the railroad station.

4.Aside from rail routes, there are different sites like Create My Outing from which you can really take a look at PNR status.

What are the advantages of PNR number?

1.I want to believe that you probably grasped the advantages of PNR at this point. Come and know exhaustively what are the advantages of PNR.

2.From the PNR number, it very well may be found from which station the traveler has booked the ticket and at which station he will land.

3.On the off chance that you have booked train ticket on the web, you can likewise take exchange data.

4.Rail line has every one of the subtleties of the traveler from the PNR number itself.

5.Regardless of whether the ticket has been affirmed, it tends to be known exclusively from the PNR number.

6.In which mentor your seat is and how much is the seat number, it is determined from the PNR number itself. How to Check PNR Status.

What is 10 digit PNR number?

In Indian Rail routes, PNR number is such a 10-digit one of a kind number that is relegated to each prepare ticket. All the data is concealed under the PNR number of these 10 digits.

PNR Status Flow status of booked train ticket like regardless of whether your ticket is affirmed, ticket is pausing or in RAC, which train is in which mentor and which seat is in train and so on gives.

What is the full type of PNR?

The full type of PNR is Traveler Name Record. At the point when you book your train, simultaneously a number is produced which is called PNR number.

What is rail line helpline number?

Railroad’s helpline number is 139. Which is accessible 24×7. You can get any sort of data connected with rail routes by calling or informing on this number.

Decision About PNR Status

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