best place to sell land online

Best place to sell land online

Best place to sell land online

Selling land has never been more accessible than in today’s digital age. The online marketplace offers a plethora of platforms that cater specifically to those looking to buy and sell land. Whether you’re a seasoned real estate investor or a first-time seller, finding the right online platform can make a significant difference in your selling experience. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best places to sell land online, each with its unique features and benefits.



LandWatch is a dedicated online marketplace for land buyers and sellers. With a vast database of land listings, it allows sellers to reach a wide audience of potential buyers. The platform is user-friendly, providing tools to showcase your property with detailed descriptions, photos, and even videos. LandWatch’s targeted approach makes it an excellent choice for those looking to connect with serious land buyers.



Zillow, known for its comprehensive real estate listings, is also a great platform to sell land. The site’s large user base ensures that your property gets exposure to a wide audience. Zillow provides tools for sellers to create detailed listings, including information about the land’s features and nearby amenities. The platform’s reputation and credibility can attract serious buyers looking for their next land investment.


Land and Farm:

Land and Farm is another specialized platform designed exclusively for selling agricultural and rural land. If your property falls into these categories, this platform may be an ideal choice. Land and Farm allows sellers to create detailed listings, including information about the property’s soil quality, water sources, and other relevant agricultural details. This niche focus attracts buyers specifically interested in rural and farm properties. is a well-established online real estate platform that also caters to land sales. Leveraging its extensive reach and user-friendly interface, allows sellers to showcase their land with high-quality images and detailed descriptions. The platform’s association with the National Association of Realtors adds a layer of credibility to your listing.



LandHub focuses exclusively on land listings, making it a go-to platform for buyers and sellers interested in vacant land, acreage, and rural properties. The site offers various tools to help sellers create appealing listings, including maps, photos, and detailed property descriptions. LandHub’s specialized approach can attract buyers specifically interested in land investments.



LandCentury is a platform that caters to a wide range of land buyers, from those looking for residential lots to investors seeking commercial properties. The site allows sellers to create listings with detailed information about the land, including its zoning, topography, and nearby attractions. LandCentury’s interactive maps and comprehensive property data can attract serious buyers interested in diverse land opportunities.



For those looking to sell land quickly and efficiently, Landmodo offers a platform focused on affordable and off-grid properties. This marketplace is particularly appealing to buyers seeking alternative and sustainable living solutions. Sellers can use Landmodo to highlight unique features such as proximity to national parks, water sources, or renewable energy possibilities, making it an excellent choice for those with unconventional or niche properties.


Facebook Marketplace:

Harnessing the power of social media, Facebook Marketplace has become an increasingly popular platform for selling land. With its extensive user base, this platform allows sellers to reach a broad audience in a more casual and community-oriented setting. Creating a listing is straightforward, and the social element allows for direct communication with potential buyers. However, keep in mind that due diligence is crucial, as transactions on Facebook Marketplace may not have the same level of security as dedicated real estate platforms.


Land Broker MLS:

If you’re working with a real estate agent or broker, Land Broker MLS is an excellent platform to consider. It is a multiple listing service (MLS) specifically for land properties. By listing your land on this platform, it becomes accessible to a network of real estate professionals who can help connect your property with interested buyers. The MLS format ensures that your land is visible to a wide range of agents and potential buyers.


Local Real Estate Websites:

Don’t overlook the power of local real estate websites and agencies. Many regions have their own online platforms or real estate agencies with a strong online presence. By partnering with local professionals, you can tap into their expertise and local market knowledge. Local connections may attract buyers already familiar with the area, looking for land in specific neighborhoods or regions.



LandFlip is a comprehensive online marketplace that caters to a diverse range of land types, including residential, recreational, and agricultural properties. This platform offers a user-friendly interface and allows sellers to create visually appealing listings with detailed descriptions. With its nationwide reach, LandFlip is an excellent choice for sellers looking to cast a wide net and attract buyers from various regions.



Landmodo specializes in off-grid, remote, and unique properties, making it a go-to platform for sellers with unconventional land offerings. The site emphasizes the lifestyle aspect of land ownership, appealing to buyers seeking a break from urban life or looking for alternative living options. Sellers can use Landmodo to showcase the distinct features of their properties, such as access to renewable energy sources or proximity to outdoor recreational activities.


Land Invest:

Land Invest is a platform designed specifically for investors looking to buy and sell land for future development. This platform provides tools for sellers to highlight the investment potential of their properties, including factors like zoning, growth trends, and development opportunities. Land Invest facilitates connections between sellers and investors, making it an ideal platform for those with land suitable for future commercial or residential development.


eBay Real Estate:

While eBay is traditionally known for auctions and various consumer goods, it also features a real estate section where land can be bought and sold. eBay Real Estate allows sellers to create listings with detailed information and images. This platform is especially suitable for those looking for a straightforward and auction-style sales approach, although it’s important to note that real estate transactions on eBay may not be as common as on dedicated real estate platforms.



LandsofAmerica is a platform that focuses on rural and agricultural land, making it an excellent choice for sellers with properties in these categories. The site allows for detailed listings, including information on soil quality, water sources, and wildlife presence. With its emphasis on rural living and outdoor activities, LandsofAmerica attracts buyers interested in a lifestyle that revolves around nature and open spaces.



Craigslist remains a popular and widely used online marketplace for various goods and services, including real estate. While it may not be as specialized as some dedicated land-selling platforms, Craigslist offers a local and community-oriented approach. Sellers can create listings with images, descriptions, and contact information, making it a straightforward option for reaching potential buyers in specific regions.

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