Books By Munshi Premchand - Story of Examination By Munshi Premchand

Books By Munshi Premchand – Story of Examination Munshi Premchand

Books By Munshi Premchand:- The test story is a renowned story composed by Munshi Premchand ji. At the point when Dewan Sujan Singh became old, he needed to use the remainder of his life in recognition of the Lord. He went to Maharaj and Diwan Ji mentioned him to resign him.

The Maharaja would have rather not leave such an accomplished and gifted Diwan. Yet, on the solicitation of Diwan ji, they consented to resign him. Yet, the condition was kept that he would likewise go for the choice of the new Diwan.

The following day, commercials were distributed in the popular papers of the nation with respect to the filling of the post of Diwan. In the notice, it was said to give need to the characteristics connected with morals, expectations for everyday comforts, commitment to obligation and the capacity of the possibility to be solid.

Everybody went to take a stab for this elevated place. There was a mix nearby. Wearing various kinds of garments, individuals began coming to from various states. The quantity of Gerujyots was high however it was anything but a compulsory capability.

Plans were made for individuals to remain and their legitimate neighborliness. Everybody would sit in their room and count the times of the month and attempt to introduce themselves overall quite well. Individuals were changing their temperament and ways.

Mr A used to get up at nine o’clock. Nowadays they began getting up in the early morning. Mr D, S and J used to mistreat the workers of the house. Yet, these days you were unable to address the workers without you and the man. Skeptics had become nonbelievers. Everybody resembled a symbol of lowliness and uprightness.

The young realize that there should be a round of hockey. So the game began. This game was new in the regal state. Players became weary of playing, however the choice of winning or losing couldn’t be made. It had become dull.

There was a channel close to the field. In any case, there was no extension over it. Individuals needed to stroll through the channel. Simultaneously a rancher accompanied a truck loaded with grain and needed to cross the channel. However, the vehicle stalled out in the channel. There was an excessive amount of mud. He was attempting a great deal – hitting the bullocks over and over yet the vehicle was not emerging from the channel. He was in a difficult situation. In any case, nobody came to his guide. Hockey players likewise cruised by. In any case, there was no pity or compassion toward him in anybody’s heart.

There was an individual in a similar gathering who had sympathy in his heart and furthermore fortitude. He had harmed his feet while playing hockey and was strolling with a limp. Whenever he offered assistance to the rancher, the rancher got trust. Books By Munshi Premchand,

What do the visually impaired request? The young fellow requested that the rancher go to the truck and handle the bullocks so he, when all is said and done, could push the haggles the truck. The rancher did likewise. Be that as it may, there was a ton of mud in the channel. The vehicle was not leaving. The young fellow didn’t lose his fortitude.

Pushed, the rancher restrained the bulls. The vehicle left the channel. The young fellow laughingly let the rancher know what reward he would give him now. The young fellow had helped out to the rancher. Had he not eliminated the vehicle, he would have been stuck there throughout the evening.

In this manner, accordingly, the rancher let the young fellow know that assuming God needed, he would get the someone who is addicted. The youngster questioned whether a similar Diwan Sujan Singh was there. Everything was accessible to him. The rancher additionally took a gander at him strongly.

The day of Diwan’s determination has shown up. Up-and-comers and rich individuals wearing beautiful garments come and sit in the court of Raja Sahib. The Diwan tended to everybody and said that he really wanted such an individual who had sympathy, self-assurance and liberality in his heart. Books By Munshi Premchand,

Have such self-assurance that can confront difficulty valiantly. Dewan Sujan Singh announced that he had tracked down a man with such characteristics. On getting a Diwan like Pandit Jankinath, individuals of the royal state gave him an increment.

Sujan Singh used to say that the one who gets himself harmed and pulls a stacked vehicle of an unfortunate rancher out of the bog has boldness, fearlessness and liberality in his heart. Such an individual won’t irritate poor people. Won’t leave the side of leniency and honorableness even in tough spots.

Question:- For what reason did Dewan Sujan Singh ji demand Raja Sahib to free him from administration?

Answer:- Dewan Sujan Singh ji mentioned Raja Sahib to ease him since he was old at this point. In such a circumstance, assuming an error was made, the great name of life could be found in the dirt. Likewise, they additionally needed to recollect the Lord.

Question:- Depict the propensities and exercises of the competitors based on text.

Answer:- A portion of those competitors were admirers of new design and some preferred straightforwardness. Subsequent to arriving at the regal state, everybody needed to look the best. Mr A used to start off late toward the beginning of the day. Presently they began getting up in the early morning itself. B was prone to smoke hookah.

He presently smoked stogies furtively. Mr D, S and J who never used to converse with the workers in the house in the way currently used to converse with the workers additionally as you and sir. A was an agnostic, yet presently he has turned into a theist. L loathed books, presently he was lost in perusing constantly. Everybody seemed, by all accounts, to be a divine force of lowliness and ethicalness. Books By Munshi Premchand.

Question:- What was the target of the competitors behind getting sorted out the round of Hockey?

Answer:- The target of the up-and-comers behind getting sorted out the round of hockey was that it is conceivable that main skill of hands can accomplish any work in the game. This also is a science all things considered.